HCP Resources

Sanofi Patient Connection® is a comprehensive program providing information, support, and resources for those on certain Sanofi medications. Find enrollment forms and additional materials below to help enable access for your eligible patients.

Sanofi Prescription Products

Click here to view a listing of Sanofi products covered under the Sanofi Patient Connection program.

Sanofi Patient Connection®

Download the Sanofi Patient Connection Enrollment Form in English or Spanish, and help get your eligible patients coverage assistance, reimbursement support, and access to relevant local resources.

SYNVISC® (hylan G-F 20) and SYNVISC-ONE®

Download the Sanofi Patient Connection Enrollment Form specifically for those on SYNVISC® and SYNVISC-ONE®. Available in English or Spanish, SYNVISC-ONE® patients can apply for help with benefit verification, eOrdering, and inventory management.

Letter of Appeals

If your Sanofi patient has been issued a denial of treatment, you can quickly and easily download this templated letter to submit an appeal to their health insurance provider.

Letter of Medical Necessity

When your patient's health insurance plan requests prior authorization or reauthorization, download this template to draft and submit a letter of medical necessity.